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Teen Only Hours in the Teen Space:

Monday-Friday: 3PM until closing
Saturday and Sunday: ALL DAY

Customers of all ages are welcome to browse the collection during teen only hours, but we respectfully ask adults and younger children to use the seating and computers in other areas of the library in order to keep this a safe and fun space for teens in grades 7-12.

Questions? Please see the Info Desk

Volunteer Information

If you have not yet picked up your volunteer letter from the Information Desk, for hours accrued between Septmeber and December, please do so now.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities over the school year, it is recommended that you refer to the teen webpage and online calendar of events for opportunities. The next set of volunteer letters cover volunteer hours accrued between September 2022 and December 2022 and are ready for pick up at the information desk.

Opportunities outside the library (age requirements may apply, please check with the individual organization):

Amico Island Park - Clean-up Day - Saturday May, 6 2023 (registration, accessible through link, required for volunteer hours through Burlington County)
Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees
Habitat for Humanity Youth Programs
Operation Yellow Ribbon - fill out contact form and the director responds quickly
Volunteer Center of Burlington County
Volunteer Match
Willingboro Lakes Park - Clean up Day - Saturday March, 25 2023 (registration, accessible through link, required for volunteer hours through Burlington County)

Adopt-a-shelf Volunteering

Are you interested in long-term volunteer hours? Adopt-a-shelf is an opportunity for tweens and teens ages 10-17 (18 if you are still in senior year) to help the library maintain its collection. You will be responsible for:
-signing in and out for your shifts at the information desk
-managing a section of shelving, both fiction and non-fiction for 1 hour per week
-maintaining the cleanliness of your section (merchandising, dusting and removing debris)
-signing out and in a duster

To receive a designated section, you MUST:

-pass a test which covers both alphabetical order and Dewey Decimal order
-attend an in-person orientation
-be able to come in once a week to complete the task

The test and orientation will each take approximately 30 minutes a piece and are NOT eligible for volunteer hours. The test and orientation will be held on separate days so please plan accordingly. Please refer to the events calendar to sign up for your test. Orientations will be scheduled after the test results are in but will occur on a Friday evening or a Saturday afternoon.

New tests will be available every month or so. If you don't see one on the calendar right now, check back soon.

Tween/Teen Volunteer Newspaper

Guidelines and Basic Information

If you are looking to join the paper for the first time, please meet in Discord during one of or regularly scheduled meetings. Refer to the events calendar for the next meeting.