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For the upcoming 2021 tax season:

The IRS has extended the tax deadline. Please click for details.

NJ has also extended it's deadline.


AARP Tax Help

As of the moment, AARP will not be providing in-person tax help this year at the library. Please have another plan in place to complete your taxes. If there are updates to the tax help service, they will be posted on our website, on facebook and in the newsletter. You can also check AARP’s tax aide site for updates to their services.


Tax Forms:


Download and print online.

If you fall within the income limit, you can file for free online:



As in previous years, we do not receive state forms. To order NJ forms by phone call the automated phone line at 1-800-323-4400. Forms can be downloaded online and there is an online filing option as well.



* The library provides general tax information which is designed only to help users of the library learn more about their own tax needs. Library staff are not tax professionals and therefore cannot answer tax related questions or suggest which forms to use in specific circumstances. Library users are responsible for obtaining tax advice from their own tax professionals.


IRS Forms and Instructions: 
Black & white printouts from Library computers cost 10 cents per sheet.
Some forms must be obtained directly from the IRS. Call 1-800-829-1040. 

IRS Tax withholding estimator

Telephone Assistance Numbers



NJ FastFile:

NJ Tax Forms:
To order NJ forms by phone,
call 1-609-292-6400.

Application for extension of time to file New Jersey Gross Income Tax Return


NJ Taxpayer Customer Service Center:

NJ TaxFax: 
Use a fax machine to request forms/instructions 24 hours a day:

NY Tax Forms:

PA Tax Forms:  (Click on Forms and Publications.)

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