Library Cards and Membership

Who can get a library card?

Free library cards are available to all residents of Mount Laurel, as well as those who own property, or attend K-12 school in the township. Free library cards are also available to educators who teach in Mount Laurel and Township employees who live outside of Mount Laurel.

  • For proof of residency you will need either a driver's license, automobile registration, or a letter that has been mailed to you. No business cards.
  • For proof of property owned you will need a tax bill as well as proof of your current home address.
  • For proof of school attendance you will need your school I.D.

Library cards are issued to residents from birth. Application forms must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian for customers under the age of 18.
Ask for a registration form at the Check Out Desk or complete an online application.

Please see our circulation policy for more details.


Online Applications

For Mount Laurel Residents

For Mount Laurel Educators and Township Employees


Library cards are also available for purchase as follows:
Non residents who work in Mount Laurel may purchase a "Works in Mount Laurel" Library card for an annual fee of $45.
Non residents may purchase a library card for $90 a year or $25 for 3 months.
A PC only library card may be purchased for $35 a year. The same card is being offered for $5 for every 30 days or $2 for one day.